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Topics: Coffee, Drink, Smoothie Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: January 31, 2011
Strengths Jamba Juice is a well-known company. They have been around a short time, but have grown rapidly to become a top competitor in their industry. With many options for their customers, and their menu Situation Analysis and merchandise line continuously growing and changing, they have many selling points.

Weaknesses Although they are a top competitor, they do still have those other companies in their indsutry. Competitors like Smoothie King industry and Planet Smoothie are quickly rising and sometimes overcoming the sales and overall revenue of Jamba Juice. Along with the competitors comes the health factor. Jamba Juice has recently taken some heat for less-than ideal health contents in their smoothies.

Opportunities Due to the growing amount of health conscious people, Jamba Juice has a huge opportunity to get in the heads of these consumers. They have to get out there and let the health conscious Americans know that they are number one, and that the consumer can feel good about drinking Jamba Juice over their competitors. Sponsorship is a great thing for them to consider, sponsoring sporting events, marathons etc.

Threats One of the major threats for not only Jamba Juice, but for all companies is the worsening economy. Consumers just aren’t purchasing as much as they used to. Their income is no longer as disposable as it used to be. In order to overcome this, Jamba Juice needs to do something to get their interest, giveaways of some kind are a great option. Competitors not necessarily in the smoothie industry are also a huge threat. Starbucks, McDonalds and other fast food restaurants are gaining ground on the smoothie industry by adding smoothie and coffee beverages to their menus.

Jamba is a smoothie maverick, over 20 flavors, free boosts, all natural energy. If Jamba Juice continues to add to their wine array of smoothie options and possibly add some coffee blends to their menu, they will be a top competitor with Starbucks.

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