Jamba Juice Hr Interview

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Manager Interview- Jamba Juice

Company Business and HR Strategy

Jamba Juice’s company strategy focuses on the customer experience, optimizing store performance and developing a people pipeline. Jamba believes that each team member and manager contributes to the profitability of his or her respective store and that each store makes a difference. Therefore human capital is their main priority and greatest asset. Jamba Juice’s HR strategies are highly in line with meeting their performance goals as well as their objectives to develop people into the future leaders of the company. Hiring

The managers and team members of each store make an impact on sales, customer service and the overall Jamba Juice experience for the consumer. This means that having the wrong manager or team member in place will affect the store as a whole and ultimately drive down sales. When hiring Jamba Juice looks for people who are “passionate about Jamba and the culture and values of FIBER: fun, integrity, balance, empowerment and respect.” The company culture is an important aspect of hiring because they must find the right match between the company and the new employee. Since it is customer based, Jamba Juice looks for energy and passion along with the ability to lead and demonstrate fairness. There are two types of employee hires, general manager hires and team member hires. General managers (GM) run the entire store from ordering inventory to cleaning. They also act as the main human resource department for his or her store. The success of the store and overall business lies within the GM’s hands. In order to find the right people for the general manager positions, Jamba Juice tries to first promote from within. If a store is looking for a new GM, all of the surrounding stores in the area are contacted and asked if any team member could be a potential candidate. Jamba Juice encourages promoting from within to increase motivation as well as to ensure that the candidate already has a firm understanding of the organization and is committed to the Jamba culture and experience. Jamba Juice has also started to find new ways to attract and reach a new talent pool through their employees. If an employee suggests a general manager candidate to the company and they are hired, that employee will receive a $1000 reward. Jamba believes that if they can get the right people in place today, the future of the company will thrive and each store, team member and customer will benefit.

The next process is hiring the team member. Team member have the most face time with the customer, are the ones behind the register up-selling products, the ones making the smoothies and the ones responsible for having the customer leave happy. Although team members do not hold as much responsibility as the general manager it is important that Jamba Juice finds the right people that will be passionate about their job and excel at customer engagement and selling products. Sample questions for an interview include “what are your customer standards towards customer service” and “tell me about a product you have sold. Sell it to me” (see attached). When answering these questions Jamba Juice’s general managers look for energy, the ability to be a productive team member and someone that will fit with the culture of the organization. It is crucial that the team members and managers that they are hire also demonstrate leadership as they plan for leadership succession in thinking of the future profitability and success of the company. Training

Once hired and seen as a good fit, training begins right away. Jamba Juice has an extensive training program that continues on throughout the entire time they are employed. When a team member is first hired the initial training process occurs 3-4 days a week for a month and then weekly thereafter. New employees are given an “employee training manual” in which each part entails a reading section, answering question...
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