Jamba Juice

Topics: Agriculture, Cost, Global warming Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Force: Resources

In North America there are some forces that will have an impact on the development of a company. The environment is changing quickly. The long term business will be impacted by these changes. Here are some key value trends related to the Impact on resources. These forces are: Global warming, Agriculture, Utilities, Packaging and local sourcing. They have a short and long-term impact on the supply chain.

- Global Warming and climate conditions:
The planet is warming up (+6°c in 100 years) and the climate change will hit most of the regions. The effect should be a higher temperature in some areas but also be a shift in other regions that could go colder. The change in climate conditions will impact agriculture. The supply chain will be impacted by these changes. On another hand the conditions will also impact the consumption of products. Selling frozen yogurt or cold beverages will be a strength in warming areas but a weakness for regions growing colder or having an increase in rainfall. There is a trend of opening and selling Ice cream, smoothies or Healthy juices. The climate in North America is very hot in summer and with the global warming the consumer will look for some shops were they can drink something fresh, creating an opportunity for Jamba Juice.

- Agriculture
The arable land per capita has decreased consistently in the past 20 years (-32%). With the ongoing urbanization there is no indicator showing that this trend is slowing down. Even though there has been improvement in efficiency, the increase of the population offsets this fact. The long term impact on the price of the food market is a major threat to a food and beverage business such as Jamba Juice. Arable land is the prime necessity fruit and vegetable imported from other countries. With the increase in demand and no improvement in supply, the prices will naturally go up. Another major threat to agriculture is the scarcity of water. The access to clean water is a...
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