Jamaican Gold: Jamaican Sprinters

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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‘Jamaican Gold: Jamaican Sprinters’ gives us a look into what it takes to be a successful sprinter in Jamaica. The book presents detailed research into the science of sprinting, the cultural traits that makes a Jamaican the ideal sprinter and shows us a peek into the lives of some famous Jamaican sprinters backed by a chapter dedicated to track and field history in photos. Also, the book discusses the issues faced in the sport of track and field and approaches to teaching physical education and its benefit. Printed in an easy-to-read style with lots of photos, this book is a refreshing way to learn about the track and field culture in Jamaica. Published in 2010 by Rachel Irving and Vilma Charlton, the book boasts of five sections contain sixteen chapters. The art of sprinting and the continuing success of Jamaicans are cleverly assessed in these five sections. The first section tells of the science behind the sprinting. It describes how the genetic makeup and history, the environment in which they thrive and the diet of a sprinter can affect the success of a sprinter. The second section outlines the lives of some famous sprinters from Jamaica, both young and old. The third section is a scrapbook of pictures from moments in Jamaican sprinting history. The fourth section tells of the cultural traits that make Jamaicans prominent in track and field and how the educational system nurtures this culture to ensure success. The fifth section tells of problems faced by the sporting world, specifically track and field today. These five topics help bring together the book cleverly. Whilst reading this book many ideas were presented however two of these ideas commanded my attention; Black men are more proficient in athletics than white men and the importance of physical education. I firmly agree with these ideas. They were both rigorously examined and justly supported. Firstly, black men are more proficient in track and field then white men. As reported in the book, the...
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