Jake and Caroline Video Script Teen Dating Violence

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Jake: So anyway things besides all this John stuff are going pretty awesome…and we usually hang out together every Friday night when I get out of work…So this past Friday I got out of work early and figured we’d spend the rest of the night together…. Maybe grab a bite to eat or catch a movie…So I called her at 5 o’clock—no Caroline. 6, 7, 8—still no Caroline. 9, 10—10 freakin’ thirty roles around and I’m like “Caroline where the hell have you been?!”.

Caroline: I went out with my sister…. I don’t need to get permission from you.

Jake: Caroline, I didn’t say you needed to get permission, but I was worried sick about you…. I mean how am I supposed to know if you’re laying dead in a ditch somewhere, if your car had broken down, if you’d been abducted, or what.

Caroline: Jake, I’m sorry, I just went out with my sister.

Jake: Yeah, but you could’ve called me.

Caroline: Jake I didn’t think about it, I mean I was going to call you when I got home but you were on the phone already.

Jake: Of course I was on the phone. I was trying to find out where the hell you were…I was calling your mom, I called your friends, I was almost ready to call every hospital in the state looking for you….

Caroline: Jake I’m sorry, but its not like I was out screwing around on you…. I was just having dinner with my sister, I mean I’m sorry – what more do I need to do to show you that I’m totally committed and into this relationship.

[Jake pulls out leash]

Jake: Sitting by the phone for five hours on one of my only Friday nights off gave me plenty of time to think about that. I decided in order for that to not happen again you could just call and check in, let me know what you’re doing, who you’re going with, and when you’re going to be back…

[Jake attaches leash to Caroline’s wrist.]

Caroline: Jake that sounds like a curfew…

Jake: Come on Caroline, it’s not a curfew, it’s a compromise. Isn’t that how a relationship works – give a little, take a little.

Caroline: I don’t see how that’s a compromise if I have to call you every time I do something…. I mean that’s like checking in with my parents.

Jake: So you don’t want to talk with me…that’s cool…. Whatever.

Caroline: No…. Jake. That’s not it…. I just don’t want to feel like you’re going to get angry if I don’t call.

Jake: I’m not going to get angry Caroline, I just want to make sure that you are safe - and I want to be the person that you can count on. Is that so wrong?

Caroline: No that’s not wrong Jake. All right. If it will make you feel better then I’ll call you for a while and let you know what I’m up to.

Jake: Cool, it will - and it will make you feel better too. I mean I’m not just doing this for me, I’m doing this for you too.

Caroline: All right.

Jake: Great. So things were going really well for a while until my buddy Chris has this huge bash Friday night when his parents were out of town…. I was a little bummed because I had to work that night, but I told Chris that I would be there as soon as I could get out of work, and I let Caroline go early and I told here I’d meet her there…. So as soon as I finished with work I buzzed over…When I got there most of the guys were hanging out in the backyard drinking some beers, after I tossed a couple back I walked into the party and guess who Caroline is all cuddling with in the corner…

[Audience response.]

Jake: Yep – you guessed it, John…So I went up and had a few words with her.

Caroline: Had a few words….you totally flipped you on me, Jake.

[Jake takes out umbrella, opens it to reveal words like slut, whore, fat, ugly, etc written on it and hands it to Caroline, who hands back the heart and leash]

Jake: Ah, Caroline, what the hell is this…?

[Indicates heart and leash.]

Caroline: Jake what the hell is this?

[Indicates umbrella.]

Jake: Look Caroline, I walked in…..

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