Jakarta Water Problem

Topics: Soil, Water cycle, Pollution Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: January 20, 2011
Jakarta Water problem

Anybody who is living in Jakarta or have been lived in Jakarta will know about Jakarta’s water problem. If they describe the water in here, they will describe as dirty, brownish and blackish, polluted, smelly, impure, not drinkable, and many more in negative ways. And there are two problems that make the Jakarta water polluted.

First, deforestation is the huge problem for Jakarta’s water problem. In Jakarta, people rarely reforest so eventually, mountains are left with mud. So if there is a huge rain, where do you think that mud will go? The mud will flow down to the river and this is how rivers get polluted and undrinkable. Since the urban people doesn’t access to the clean water from the river, they just drink this yucky water. The trees and other plants work like a huge sponge when there is rain, so they sucked the water from the ground and keep them in their roots. Later on the water will flow deeper and this is the source of underground water.

Last problem is in people’s waste. In Jakarta, septic tank and the well is too close; they are just about 2~3meters away from each other. If septic tank and the well are too close together, septic tank can contaminate the well. So the scientists investigate and found some bacteria from the well that is too close from the septic tank which could harm people. Most bacteria from the human waste are unidentified so it is pretty dangerous.

In the factories at night they transgress and they throw the toxic waste from the factories. But in the committee they are unsympathetic so they don’t repress people to not throw the toxic waste in the river. However this is not only the committee’s fault. The misstep is also in citizens too. The committee were tried to repress but citizens are kept transgress so they were tried of it and the problem was abandoned. Anyway we still can repress the people and clean the water but if we keep living people transgress, something apprehensive will happen in...
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