Jail and Prison

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  • Published : December 3, 2011
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Jail and Prison Cassandra Hill CJA/204 Mendi Coombes 10/26/11

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In the Criminal Justice world the jail and prisons play an extremely important role to society. These facilities have a history just like any other part of Criminal Justice, and were created with great Purpose. There is much about these facilities that are not known by the general public. This paper will Educate on the types of prisons, also the concept of the prison as a whole institution. I will also go over The community based corrections programs. Maybe one of the more important topics is the violence behind the walls, that is not always mentioned to the public will also be covered in this paper. Then finally, I will go over the concept of parole and probation, along with the role of truth in sentencing. First, we have many types of facilities just in the United States, for example; there is State Facilities which are run by the State Department of Corrections, and each state has many of the facilities. Arizona alone has at least ten of these prisons across Arizona, some states have more and some less. Prisoners in these facilities have violated state laws in some fashion or another....
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