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Topics: Motivation, Decision making, Better Pages: 4 (1549 words) Published: November 25, 2010
Explain the advantages and disadvantages for jaguar of using just in time production rather than the more traditional just in case stock system. Just in time is a manufacturing method based on pull system which means the raw materials are only delivered only when needed which reduces waste due to overproduction and lowers the storage rent e.g. warehouse storage. Advantages:

* Reducing set up times
* Goods from warehouse to the production line flow much smoother which saves time. * Increases supplier quality
* Consistently supplying the plant with the raw material for production * Workers are used more efficiently
* Scheduling and planning is improved
* Reduces space requirements for raw materials

* Relying on a limited amount of stock so there is a chance of running out and interrupting production * Change in the culture of production can take time to get used to so it could be less control in the beginning * Need trustful and reliable suppliers who can deliver on time * The suppliers have to be very flexible because the demand for raw material could come up at any time. * The machinery is at risk to breaking down and slowing down the production.

Using appropriate motivation theory, analyse how jaguar has managed to increase the pride and commitment of its employees. Jaguar has managed to increase the pride and commitment of its employees by implying continuous improvement. This type of motivation required entrustment and empowerment from the workforce. The fresh start to this new implication meant that the workforce had to be trained in order to perform and improve. Team work has to be implemented because this way everyone is involved and the ideas can be shared for enhancement of the production. Also because the work is in teams no one is left out and each member feels more valuable in the workplace which then motivates them further. Once more the team working leads the workforce to a new level on...
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