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Topics: Mangrove, Root, Tide Pages: 11 (2533 words) Published: April 15, 2012

To study an area of mangrove forest and become familiar with:

1.The different types of mangroves.
2.Their various adaptations to the hostile intertidal environment. 3.The importance of mangroves.
4.The different requirements and subsequent zonation or various species.


hygrometer or whirling psychrometerdichotomous keys
pH metercanopy/ground cover diagnostic tube
light meterwind meter


The study is to be conducted along a transect line from the low tide mark to the extreme high tide level. Quadrat studies are done along the transect line. Generally four quadrats, each 5m2, are sufficient.

At each quadrat record all the information shown in Table 1. Identify the mangrove species using the key and draw a plan diagram for the quadrat. A simplified profile of the transect line should be drawn, showing any evident zonation.

Record the animals present in each quadrat and place them in Table 2, from which a food web for the mangroves can be drawn.

From the information obtained during the study, and from your own readings, complete Answers To The 5 Questions after the Analysis of Results section.

All work must be your own (group results are allowed).


Table 1:Quadrant Investigation

|Variable |Quadrat 1 |Quadrat 2 |Quadrat 3 | |Height above low tide mark (m) | | | | |Wind Direction |Southwest | | | |Wind speed (km/h) |1.8km/hr |0.0 | | |Air temperature ((C) |20o |23o |22o | |Mud temperature ((C) |22o |22o |20o | |Relative humidity % |74% |65% |61% | |Mud composition (clay, sand, loam, wet, |Sandy/damp |Wet/sandy clay |Cloudy/wet | |dry) | | | | |Mud pH |7.72 |7.16 |7.29 | |Canopy cover % |0% |0% |9% | |Light intensity (ground level) |237.5 |274.7 |778.2 | | |570 |460 |160 | |Ground cover % |70% |80% |90% | |Mangroves present |Spotted mangrove |Spotted mangrove |Grey mangrove | | |River mangrove |Grey mangrove | | |...
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