Jacob Lawrence

Topics: Southern United States, African American, Black people Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: February 22, 2012
Name: Mitchell Ledet
Institution: Central Texas College
Department: Fine Arts
Date of submission: 15 December 2011
Jacob Lawrence
Jacob Lawrence was, a great visual artist who lived between 1917 to 2000 and is recognized as being among the visual artists of the twentieth century whose work were of great significance. He discovered his skill at a young age since he joined an art school in New York and also due to the fact that his mother had artistic skills in the preparation of carpets. He dropped out of school albeit continuing attending art classes to further pursue the honing of his skills (Potter, 2002). He was enlisted in the army during the Second World War where he did paintings and sketches and would later become a Professor of Arts in the University of Washington. Jacob Lawrence was awarded numerous honours with respect to his contribution in the arts field. His work on the on the Great Migration series is remarkable and is the basis of this report’s analysis (Potter, 2002). The Great Migration that occurred starting from post first world war involved the migration of blacks from the Southern states, specifically in rural farms to Northern urban cities. Jacob Lawrence paintings and sketches of the Great Migration Series were inspired by the movement of these African Americans from the Southern States to Upper states of the greater United States of America. The paintings were coupled with literature that brought the points or bearings of the reasons for the mass exodus of Afro-Americans to the Upper cities which included Chicago, New York and St. Louis in Missouri. He was encouraged to portray in paintings the story of the emigration of these black folks into urban cities (Potter, 2002). His series was divided into three phases with respect o the timeline in the migration course. The first series are paintings that show life in the South and the problems that the Black Southerners faced. The second part of he series is concerned with the migration...
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