Jacob Castle

Topics: French and Indian War, Ernest Cassel, Russell County, Virginia Pages: 4 (1305 words) Published: April 26, 2011
Jacob and Sowege

Yelles "Jules, Julius Cassel" Kassel; born abt.1590 and died abt.1681 of Krisheim, Germany, "Krisheim is located between Manheim and Worms in the Palatinate (Pfalz)", had at least two sons, ; Johannes "John" Cassel, born abt. 1639 and died April 17, 1692 in Philadelphia, Pa. and Arnold Cassel, born abt. 1642 and died abt. 1687. These were the first Cassel, Cassell, Kassel, Kassell, Castle's to come to America. They came to America under the terms of a promise by William Penn. Penn on his third visit to Germany, met Julius on Sunday, August 26, 1681. I do not know the reason or reasons for this departure from Germany. Johannes, and Arnold arrived in Germantown Pennsylvannia on November 20, 1686 after a seven month journey aboard the ship "Jeffries". Naturalization papers for both brothers dated March 7, 1691-1692, are presently in the Library of Jaunita College, Huntington, PA. Johannes was 47-years old when he immigrated to America and had five children who accompanied him and his wife Mary, 2-boys and 3-girls, "Arnold 16, Peter 13, Elizabeth 11, Mary-9, and Sarah-6.

Johannes Cassel, shortly after arriving in Germantown learned that a large legacy was left to his family through the death of a relative wich amounted to nearly one million dollars. It was necessary for them to return to Germany to claim the legacy. A church council was called and the matter was discussed. It was decided however, by a unanimous vote not to receive the money as it would have a tendency to make them proud, which, was at odds with their religious beliefs. "Which may have been Judaism, Mennonite or Lutheran". Johannes Cassel also signed the original charter of Germantown, Pennsylvania, where he settled and spent the rest of his natural life.

An interesting note, Cassel; Cassell; Kassel; Kassell; Castle;, are only a few of the spellings of our last name. It is not a German surname but a place name, "Hesse-Kassel". "Coming from Germany converted to Judaism"....
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