Topics: Isaac, Abraham, Book of Genesis Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: March 31, 2012
The story of Jacob takes place in Genesis 25-36 detailing the events of his life; however, the background setting starts with Abraham and Sarah, in Genesis 12. Jacob was the son of Isaac and Rebekah, the grandson of Sarah and Abraham. Throughout the bible Jacob is known for his trickery; however it is not until towards the end is the fulfillment of Abraham’s promise. The name Jacob actually means trickster. But in the end Jacob makes a full turn He was a very manipulative character and tricked his brother out of his birth right and final blessing. However he then is tricked by Laban. Many would call this karma. Jacob’s character and actions maybe the blame of his parents. The bible shows that his parent were quite different the Abraham and Sarah. Abraham and Sarah for the majority of the story displays them as supportive, working together relationships; however much is not told about the relationship of Isaac and Rebekah. Better yet, not much is mentioned about Isaac at all, this maybe lead to believe that he did not have a significant role in the story. Rebekah is displayed as the more aggressive one while Isaac is considered more passive. Isaac did not go out and find his own wife, his father’s servant went and found one for him; all suggesting that Isaac was passive when it came to taking initiative. During this timeframe, Jacob may have been characterized as a “momma boy”. Genesis 25:27 says that Jacob stayed in camp while his brother became a skillful hunter. This in turns causes Rebekah to favor Jacob. The relationship between Rebekah and Jacob is similar to that of Joseph and his father. Jacob was much weaker than his brother Esau. The relationship of Jacob and Esau goes beyond traditional sibling jealously; but, it is a story of deceit and robbery. This is evident at birth when Jacob is born holding on to the heel of Esau. By order of birth Esau was entitled to the birthright; however, the promise of blessings was on the life of Jacob. Jacob...
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