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Executive Summary
JackThreads.com purpose is to present consumers with designs, styling and clothes that energizes Urban Lifestyle. Whether it be street, skate, surf or contemporary men's fashion brands, JackThreads.com has affordable, urban clothing that will look and feel wonderful. JackThreads.com will offer creative men’s urban clothing, online, that is both functional and beautiful. Calvin Tung owner of JackThreads.com will create a cost-effective operation that will eliminate the cost of inventory by having a third-party Clothing Company, handle all manufacturing and shipping of clothing to the customer. JackThreads.com will process the order and collect the payment online. The order will then be sent to the third-party Clothing Company to be filled and shipped. JackThreads.com will focus on clothing design and marketing of its products. Keys to Success

Accessible website that is entertaining to surf. Like a trip to your favorite store where you always find something new that you want. •Establishing a strong advertising campaign in a traditional media vehicle; i.e. magazines, social sites. •Excellent vendor relationship that will facilitate quality manufacturing of JackThreads.com clothing and quick shipment of orders. •Acquiring an excellent design staff.

JackThreads.com will sell men's urban clothing online. We will offer urban clothing for almost every type of occasion. We will focus on the seasonal clothing demands of our customers including the following: •Urban outerwear.

Stylish dress shirts.
Designer t-shirts.

Competitive Edge
Jackthreads.com competitive edge is its focus on the process than on product. The website is just the endpoint of an entire marketing program to drive customers' interest in JackThreads.com. Though we have confidence in the quality and attractiveness of our products, we know that building the road to the website is our most important job. Calvin...
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