Jacksonian Period

Topics: Andrew Jackson, Jacksonian democracy, Democracy Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: November 29, 2009
The Jacksonian period is known as the era of the “Common Man”. This is somewhat valid because the economic policies of Jackson and his political
views and actions both were in favor of the common man. However, there were
some actions he took that were not beneficial to the average Americans. Jackson was a forceful and energetic president who was well liked because
he portrayed himself as the incarnation of the peoples’ will even though he
may have angered some of the common people.

Jackson’s effect on the economy helped the common man during his presidency. When faced with a draft to recharter the national bank, Jackson
vetoed it which was a stand for common people. Jackson felt that the national bank was a monopoly that did not let Americans have a chance at
equal economic advantage. Also, Jackson had to deal with the nullification
crisis. The nullification crisis was South Carolina’s refusal to pay tariffs on cotton. Jackson reacted swiftly and decisively which showed that
the national government sides with the majority.

However, Jackson had a negative effect on the economy for common people.
The Panic of 1837 was a drop in the economy caused by Jackson’s Indian Removal Act. This eventually turned into a depression. This caused common
Americans to incur debts that faced them with a constant threat of losing
their land.

Political views and actions during the Jacksonian era helped the common American. During the Jackson era, voting rights were extended to all white
men. This is different from earlier when only white men who owned property
could vote. Also, local officials and many judges were decided by voting as
opposed to governors and executive councils deciding. There was eventually
a new political party that arose to take Jackson out of power. This was the
Whig party that consisted of mainly upper class Americans. They did not like that he was not helping the upper class because he was in favor of the
common man. However, There...
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