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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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* Andrew Jackson was one of the most popular presidents in the history of the United States. * From being a poor orphan whose mother died at age thirteen to being a military hero and a president that listened to the voice of the people. * The two terms that Jackson was President it was called the rise of the “Common man”. * Because he didn't favor the rich but instead wanted a true democracy where everyone’s voice is heard. * A government formed by the people for the people.

* Document 1 illustrates a perfect example of how the people had more the say than legislation. * The dramatic change is in 1828 and on.
* Which is when Jackson was president.
* Jackson brought democracy to the common man.
* Since Jackson was a common man in the eyes of the people he was dearly loved. * In Doc 2 Daniel Webster one of his enemies wrote of how loved he was “ Persons have come five hundred miles to see General Jackson, and they really think that the country is rescued from some dreadful danger”. * Since Jackson was so loved by the people and ensured that their voice was heard, one can believe Jackson had the right concept of what a democracy is. * He demonstrates that in all his years of president Especially with the Bank and the spoils system. Also the Native Americans 1st Paragraph: Bank

* The bank of the United States was controversial, Some like Andrew Jackson thought it held too much power. * Perhaps in a way it did.
* The bank could limit loans and make money scarce.
* Since it controlled the money supply it limited financial opportunities. * It also hurt democracy because it favored congressmen with minor interest loans thereby swaying their vote on key issues. * On July 10, 1832 Jackson finally did something about it. * Jackson sent a bank veto to Congress, rejecting the bill that extended the bank charter that was going to expire in 1836, for another fifteen years. *...
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