Jackie Robinson

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Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson is one of the many innovative heroes, who have shaped the last century. Jackie Robinson grew up in a time, where segregation affected all African Americans. African Americans like many other races, were segregated from white people in every way, they were told where they could live, work and eat. When Jackie was growing up his mother taught all her children that if they worked hard in life they should expect good things to happen. In his early childhood, this motto was hard to except as reality. At an early age, Jackie was introduced to discrimination, which was based upon his skin color. The Robinson family moved from Georgia to Pasadena, California, and there, they were one of the few black families in the entire city. At first, the neighbors were not fond of the idea of having another black family move into their city. They feared for their families as if there presence was substantial to a disease. The Robinson’s loved to play outside, numerous times white families would call the police because they didn’t like it when the kids interacted with their own or even see the children outside. Jackie, like one of the many other African Americans were forced to learn a hard lesson, people with dark skin were treated differently from white people. As soon as Jackie was old enough, without even knowing, he was pursuing his future as a civil rights activist. Jackie and his friends despised the laws that prohibited Hispanics, Asians and African Americans from swimming in the public pools, except for one day a week. Jackie and his friend’s did just the opposite and were thrown in jail, many assumed that this was the beginning of a troublesome boy, but actually, it marked the beginning of a young man standing up for what he believes in.

Sports also played a part; African Americans were to play in a league of their own, separated from white players. Jackie, like his brothers, had a bright future in sports. Jackie...
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