Jackie Robinson

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Childhood It was a happy day on January, 31, 1919 when Jackie Robison was born. Mallie and Jerry Robinson were his parents. Mallie was his mother, Jerry was his father. He was fifth and the last child of the Robinson family. Jackie had three brothers and one sister .his brothers names are Edgar, Frank, and Mack his 1 sister name was Willa. Jerry Robison ran away when was only 6 months old ran off to Florida hoping for a better life there. Jackie played baseball, basketball, football, track, golf, tennis, and swimming his big brother Mack was good enough to go to the 1936 Olympics.

Before Jackie started playing in the Negro league he was in the army. The reason Jackie went into the army was because the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor where he played football for the Honolulu Bears. A team that people of all races who wanted to play football could play. Jackie was returning from town to the base by bus one day when driver unexpectedly stopped and ordered Jackie to sit in the back of the bus, Jackie refused to sit in the back of the bus he was positive that it was a violation of the military’s rule’s. The next thing he knew he was up standing in front of a judge. He didn’t get charged for not going to the back of the bus. But it did not help him with any thing either he was the first African-American lieutenant ever to be in the army.

League’sAfter the army he coached basketball but he wanted t0 play baseball. So in 1945 he signed contract with the Kansas City Monarchs he earned $400 dollars a month that was the only...
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