Jack Welch: a Leader

Topics: Management, Leadership, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 4 (1042 words) Published: August 22, 2008
Jack Welch a great leader?

As it is always stated, leaders are not always from birth but they are made too. Jack Welch is a glimmering example of the latter. The leaders also have high level of empathy, vision, ethics, hard working mentality and a respect for past. While going through the passage, it was found that Jack Welch’s immaculate leadership did have some flaws. Strength of any strong building lies in its foundation and so does leadership. It can be seen from the passage that Jack was very competitive and could not stand a raise of $1000, the same amount given to his colleagues and to prove this point he quit. He, however, was lucky to get a personal favor from Reuben Gutoff and could land a small company with big-company resources. In my opinion, not many leaders could get a providential succor for scaling heights and the adversities on the way ennobles them. Their sole target is not only business but also human welfare.

Leadership also requires patience and optimistic attitude. This also entails the belief of creating castles off shambles. As per the text, it also seems evident that Jack took out the ailing TV and toaster units but later it could be seen that the market of TV and Toaster has not died. An intuitive, proactive and learning leader as Jack Welch could have picked up the nuggets from the contemporary market leaders to revive the business.

Jack’s main focus was to get business done by people and not business with people. The fact translates to generating profits, as a result he “rationalized the work force” by 25%. In the face of inflation, it was a heavy brunt on the poor Americans who lost the job. A leader would always make sure that the followers he has should get nurtured enough for the next career.

The Welch era was not devoid of any setbacks, Welch’s poor handling socio-political issue, while failing to acquire Honeywell was one of them. Moreover, to race past Japanese competition and acquire high top line, GE polluted...
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