Jack - Expository Paragraph

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Jack: Expository Paragraph

In William Golding's novel, ' The Lord of the Flies', the author places the character

Jack with the role symbolic of a totalitarian figure whose ambitious lust for power

corrupts the society of the island with elements of unbridled savagery, and exploits the

defects of human nature for his own desires.

To begin, Golding grants Jack with vices of greed and wrath to immorally attain his

goals for power, symbolizing the avarice that Man as a whole has the potential to

possess. For instance, after Jack and Ralph descend the mountain from hunting for the

beastie, Jack calls a meeting, stating his opinions on Ralph's stance as Chief, ' Ralph

thinks you're cowards, running away from boars and beast. That's not all. He's like

Piggy, he says things like Piggy. He's not a proper Chief. He's a coward himself

(Golding, 138).' Jack is using slander as a method of denouncing Ralph from

authority. Jack not only tries to insult Ralph's ability to lead, therefore giving a

logical reason to remove him, but also tries to instill in the boys on the island a

personal reason of hatred to abdicate Ralph. With Ralph gone, Jack will be able to

fill the gap as Chief, satisfying his ambitions, yet again continuing the cycle of

tyrannical rule as shown throughout the history of Man.

Furthermore, Golding wants to further develop Jack's character by giving him the

irrational actions of cruel, uncontrollable savagery, which in turn affects the

community, for savagery is the primal root of all Man. To illustrate, Ralph and Piggy

arrive to Jack's new camp, where after a minor argument Jack rallies his tribe to

initiate a trance-like dance where Simon appears from the forest and is mistaken

for the beastie, ' [t]he sticks f[a]ll and the mouth of the new circle crunch[es] and

scream[s]. The beast [is] on its knees, its arms fold[ing in] over its face. At once, the

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