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  • Published : June 27, 2006
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Is there anything funnier than a guy who can't dress himself wanting to start a t-shirt company? No there isn't, and that is just one hilarious character played by Jack Black. With his ways of expressing himself, humorous actions, and ability to make all kinds of characters funny, Jack Black is the king of comedy. Black can express himself in odd, but comical ways. One is his good singing ability; he's even in his own band. In the movie School of Rock, he is able to sing very high-pitched and sometimes really loud; or, he sings nonsense words that make everyone laugh. Another is the hilarious sounds that come out of his mouth. In Orange County, Black says, "Boing," when he's describing a hat, and he goes insane saying, "Gzazazadgadj-I just get these ideas," when he's trying to think. In Shallow Hal, Black yelled at his friend and made it seem like he was realistically mad. Black is funny because he expresses himself.

If someone wants to see some unexpected (or just plain unusual) actions, he/she should watch a movie with Jack Black in it. He surprises his audiences various ways. In Orange County (when he's only in his underwear and socks), he takes off his socks and jumps into a pool to save his brother who isn't even drowning. He also tries to climb into a building through a window, but he makes the window come crashing down. Black often does some very unusual things that make everyone wonder why and laugh at the same time. In School of Rock, he starts running around on the ground while playing his guitar for no reason. In Orange County, he does a cartwheel over his bed when all he's doing is trying to find his step-dad's pain pills. After he finds them, he starts drumming on his stomach like it was a hard job. He might shock his audiences or make them curious, but Black's sure to make them laugh.

If I had only seen one movie with Black in it, I would think he was funny, but I wouldn't know about Black's ability to play several types of characters; he always...
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