Jack and Jill Twisted Story

Topics: Water, Sun, Debut albums Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Hend Elkaliouby
Language Arts
April 23, 2012
The sun was setting in Ville ville, and Jack and Jill were off to a party. They were so pumped for this party; they decided to go to the Hill hill to get some magic moon water to drink at the party. The hill was not very steep, it was very humble, but the problems isn’t with the hill it is with the magic moon water, if taken at the right time, you will be cursed and turn into specks of dust.

The water they got made them the best partiers on the planet, and the water that they were to drink was to make them the best partiers for eternity. The water was in many puddles in around the hill, if the water forms and the moon perfectly pass over it while you take it you’re safe. So as the stride up the hill as the day became night, it was about 7:00pm and the party wasn’t ‘till 11:00pm. They were starting to get worried that they might not make it to the party.

While they were going up the hill, Jack staggered down the hill and broke his crown. Now they’re going to miss the magic moon water time and the party. Jack had tripped over a rock that maybe formed the people who failed to take the water on time and turned into specks of dust. Jill came rushing to see what was wrong, but she told him that he was being pathetic and that they were going to buy him a new crown from the costume shop on their way to the party. Jack ended up falling into one of the magic moon water puddles, so Jill had to pull him out of there before he turned into specks of dust.

While Jill tried to pull him out, she struggled, because she’s trying to pull out a 125 pound guy who was stuck in a hole. Then later after a long time of Jill trying as much as she could to pull him out, the moon passed over and Jack was slowly turning into a small speck of dust, and Jill was standing there betwixt and unsure about what to do to help him. Jill collapsed to the ground and was trying not to roll down the hill, but she slipped on some water,...
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