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Topics: English-language films, God, Religion Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Jonathon Edwards delivered a powerfully fear enhancing sermon to the people of Enfield, Connecticut during the time of the Great Awakening. His diction choices helped him in conveying his Puritan idea of an angry God. The words are harsh, dark, and intimidating with the intention for the people to be frightened by His higher power. In order to achieve such a strong message he uses words such as “fiery…wrath…fury…damned…abominable…and venomous serpent” to do so. When comparing all those words they share a common negative connotation. With such a potent word choice the audience is mesmerized by what they believe is the truth of the God they worship. On the other hand Chief Seattle’s diction has the feel of questioning, wondering, and reflection to his peoples past. He uses words like “orphans…hallowed ground…Red Man…palefaces…White Man…my people…your God…your people…hates mine” to try and answer his question, why would my Great Spirit leave us in time of need while yours leads you like a father to his son, trying to push us from our lands, but remember in spirit my people may have passed but their souls stay among this beautiful land they love. Their ideas are alike with regard to believing in a higher power, but while Edwards is enforcing His strength Chief Seattle is wary and puzzled of his. They are also extremely different because Seattle still looks up to his Great Spirit for help in times of need such as when the White Man are moving them from their land, whereas Edwards is saying to fear Him, He is the only thing holding you from the pits of Hell. Furthermore, the tones heard in each speech are quite opposite from each others.
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