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Iwamoto-Crews-Coe Website Redesign Proposal
March 14, 2011

Iwamoto-Crews-Coe Website Redesign Proposal
The IO consulting firm of Iwamoto-Crews-Coe, better known as IC², has presented to Team A the need for recommendations and redesign of their company’s current website. IC² was founded in 2003 by Dawn Iwamoto, a ten-year veteran of Industrial/Organization (IO) planning. She stepped out with her own leadership qualities and envisioned helping companies improve through professional development and business improvement techniques. The initial success of the company brought two additional partners to the firm in Jack Crews and Aaron Coe. Between the three of them, they have over 30 years in professional consulting, marketing, and public relations. Even though much of the daily activity at IC² is face-to-face interviews with CEOs and onsite business audits, Iwamoto and the rest of the firm agreed that an upgrade to the current website will generate new leads, increase the client base, and provide networking opportunities among peers in the field. Overview

Team A interviewed Ms. Iwamoto directly in regards to the mission and future goals of the company. She explained that IC² provides an excellent opportunity for companies to evaluate their processes and personnel from “the outside in”, and she enjoys the leadership role she provides in those internal improvements. Her goal is to encompass a larger client base of not only corporate environments but small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) as well. The issue lies in the marketing and word-of-mouth advertising of consulting firms in general. If the name of the company is not rolling off the lips of Human Resources, executives and sales people all over the industry, chances are great that the company will remain in obscurity. Iwamoto desires to create a catalyst by using the website to generate further business opportunities and improve its marketing efforts. Some of the goals with the updated website include: •Maintaining effective ongoing communication with existing clients •Attracting new clients by providing methods to take surveys and open accounts •Promoting and selling new products and services

Tapping into business networking connections and liaisons With this understanding, Team A reviewed the current IC² website design and layout to determine the requirements that will help meet these expectations and improve the overall success of the company. Upon these findings, recommendations were provided to Iwamoto and her partners. Current Website Review

The initial review by Team A was coordinated using a distinct set of parameters – company culture, client perspective and technology perspective. This method provides a more objective result when determining the positive and negative elements of the website, and allows the team to formulate a collective recommendation for the site’s improvements. Home Page

The first order of business for evaluation began with the IC² landing page or home page. The page is very static and begins on the “About Us” category (Figure 1). Though the storyline provides a detailed history of the personal life of the owner and is important for understanding the culture of IC², this information should be consigned to a subheading rather than on the main page. A client first visiting the site might consider the company to be an electronics firm with its geometric logo and bright red color scheme. The black background stands out and provides good contrast. To allow easier recognition of the firm, a highlight color of marbled emerald green (336 600) or maroon (Hex: #663 333) should be considered to give better branding to its consultation services. Media must be included on the front page to show visitors that the site is vibrant and reflects that same effect onto the company. Instead of a static picture of the firm’s personnel, catch-eye media such as slide shows of onsite reviews, presentations to...
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