Ivan Iv Vasilyevich

Topics: Ivan IV of Russia, Russia, Tsardom of Russia Pages: 3 (1286 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Nuseshemt S. Jones
World History II
Ivan IV Vasilyevich
“You will have a wicked son, your states will be pray to terror and tears, rivers of blood will flow, and your cities will be devoured in flames.” This was the prophecy that was given to Tsar Vasili III
 and his pregnant wife, Elena Glinsky. Ivan IV was born in Russia on August 25, 1530. Evidence during Ivan’s life shows that the prophecy is proved true. There were a few things like the events during his childhood all the way into adulthood and a greed for power that influenced his gruesome leadership. Although Ivan IV grew to be a terrible leader, he did have some accomplishments during a period of peace during his marriage. Ivan VI was a ridiculously cruel monarch who cared more about power that the well being of his people. Ivan IV experienced a lot of hate and fear as a child, which could possibly have influenced his method of leadership. Ivan, even as a baby, was feared by all of his family. The chaos began in his early childhood. His father died when he was three. His mother was poisoned when he was seven. Parentless and hungry, Ivan became a beggar in his own palace. He watched as the boyars, a group of power greedy nobles, fought among each other for his throne. The way the boyars ruled was not successful. They were all power greedy, stealing as much as possible and grabbing as much property as possible. Ivan was neglected and sometimes molested by the boyars, as traumatizing as his childhood was, one could understand how the frequent abuse could cause psychological damage. Between the time Ivan was born and when he became Tsar, at least fourteen murders took place. Ivan knew that the boyars were trying to take his throne before he came of age, that's when he wanted revenge. At a dinner with the boyars when Ivan was thirteen, he accused the boyars of trying to steal his throne. He said he would be satisfied if one of the boyars was punished. He had his canal master release the dogs...
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