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  • Published: December 8, 2010
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Applied Management Project


Performance Management

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First of all I would like to thank the Almighty God for providing me with the ability, strength and good health I have gained throughout the writing of this project. Apart from my efforts, the successful completion of this report mainly depends on the support and guidelines of many others. I take this prospect to convey my appreciation to the people who have been influential in the booming completion of this project. I would like to give you an idea as regards my supreme gratitude to all of my group members and also my other class fellows. I can’t express thanks enough for their remarkable support and assistance. I feel provoked and optimistic after attending their address. Without their encouragement and direction this project would not have materialized. I would also like to mention about the helping behaviour of many senior students, I am very much thankful to all of them for their support and cooperation.

Table of contents: Pages Executive Summary ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5-6 Chapter one

1.1 Aims --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 1.2 Objectives -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Chapter two

Literature Review
2.1 Performance Management ----------------------------------------------------------- 8 2.2 Definition ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 2.3 Background to Performance Management --------------------------------------- 8-9 2.4 The core of Performance Management ------------------------------------------- 9 2.5 Purpose of Performance Management -------------------------------------------- 9-11 2.6 D/F between...
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