Its a Gas Lab

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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It’s A Gas!



Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to look at some properties of three common compounds,

CO2, H2, O2.

Materials: Zinc Hydrochloric acid
Hydrogen peroxide Manganese dioxide
Calcium Carbonate (marble chips)

Safety:The Hydrochloric acid used in this experiment could cause blindness upon contact with the eyes. Wear your goggles and handle it with care.


I. Place approximately 0.5 g of Zn metal in a test tube. Add about 5 ml of HCl. Place a second test tube upside down on top of the test tube with the reaction. Hold the test tube gently covering the first test tube so that any gas produced can collect in the second tube. After about 3 minutes test both tubes with a flaming splint.

II. Add about 5 ml of H202 solution to a test tube. Place approximately ().5g of Mn()2 t the test tube. Cover loosely with paper. After about 3 minutes test with a glowing splint.

III. Place 3 to 5 small marble chips in a test tube. Add about 5 ml of HCI and cover ' loosely with paper. After about 3 minutes test with a flaming splint.

Record your observations for each part of the experiment and answer the questions on the bac of this sheet.




1. Describe the test(s) used to identify each of the following gases.



Carbon dioxide

2. Why does the hydrogen gas collect in the inverted tube (part 1) while the oxygen collects in the tube that is right side up? (part 2)

3. Why do lighter than air airships like the Goodyear blimp now use helium instead of hydrogen like the Hindenburg did in the 1930’s?

4. Hospitals now restrict smoking entirely, but why did they previously restrict smoking in rooms where respiratory therapy (oxygen) was being used?

5. Why is carbon dioxide used in some...
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