Its Summer Fun Under the Sun

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  • Published : June 28, 2011
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“It’s Summer Fun! Under the Sun”

(New Product Launch)

Project Proposal


Business Correspondence

(ENGL 121)

Submitted by:

Maricris A. Clave

Michelle Angela R. Jaen

Team 4

Submitted to: Ervin Ramos

2nd Semester

A.Y 2010-2011

Title Page

Page #

1. Title Page----------------------------------------------------------------------------------2

2. Project Proposal Title -----------------------------------------------------------------3

3. Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------3

4. Brief Project Description-------------------------------------------------------------3

5. Aims/ Objectives------------------------------------------------------------------------3

6. Beneficiaries/ Benefits----------------------------------------------------------------4

7. Cost Estimation-------------------------------------------------------------------------5

8. Project Duration-------------------------------------------------------------------------6

9. Flyers/ E-flyers---------------------------------------------------------------------------8

10. Sun Fun Lotion-------------------------------------------------------------------------9

11. Tarpaulin---------------------------------------------------------------------------------10

12. Location/ The Boracay Beach House------------------------------------------11

13. Stage -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12

14. New Product Satisfaction Survey-----------------------------------------------13

15. Press Release--------------------------------------------------------------------------14

16. List of Competitors product-------------------------------------------------------15

17. Program of Activity-------------------------------------------------------------------17

18. Mascot------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18

PROJECT PROPOSAL TITLE: “It’s Summer Fun! Under th e Sun!”


DermWhite is a line of skin care whitening products. The products can help fade dark spots, even out skin tone, and make skin appear brighter. The manufacturer has been in business since 1968, and sells products for almost every skin care issue. Like all of Dermwhite’s offerings, their lines of products are allergy tested and fragrance free. Dermwhite vision is to be a leader and top producer of beauty products in our country. Dermwhite are committed to ensure safety and beauty of everyone with the touch of Dermwhite products. And to achieve this vision, Dermwhite exists to bring beauty, refreshment, value, safety and joy to everyone it touches. Dermwhite would manufacture high standard products for the customer. Dermwhite would ensure safety, and the beauty of the customers, and produce easy to understand instructions to make sure the products are properly used which will ensure the expected benefits of the customers. Dermwhite would create innovative lifetime solutions through scientifically advanced skin care and beauty products, life changing opportunities and a passion for excellence. Dermwhite will always provide the most innovative products created with leading edge technology. Dermwhite will stay ahead of the trends and offer quality products that deliver proven results. Dermwhite products are soap like whitening soap, anti aging soap, bath soap and germ protection soap, lotion like body lotion, moisturizer and whitening lotion, pills for whitening and slimming pills. Its summer time, the skin needs more protection against the ultraviolet radiation that causes sun burn and skin darkening. The mission of Dermwhite to create a product for the benefit of the customer so the Dermwhite develop a sunfun lotion which protects from the sun, moisturize and whitens the skin.

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