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MKT 309 Social Marketing and sustainability

Assignment: Report on a social marketing campaign

Title: It’s not ok.

Name: Kiki Miu

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Tut: Monday 1pm

Tutor: Marion


In this report, the New Zealand campaign ‘it’s not ok’ was chosen as a social marketing campaign. In the first part, the first 6 of 16 tips for success are going to be analyzed. It included the successful of the campaign, target audience, proposed change behaviour, barriers to change, remove barriers and benefit bring from the campaign. In the second part, social norms theory and the planned behaviour theory are chosen in 8 of the behaviour change models which appropriate to this campaign.

‘It’s not ok’, a series of campaign from New Zealand, its aim is to encourage New Zealanders to get involved into family prevention violence work and to change the attitude and behavior that tolerant any family violence. This campaign was launched in 2007 and it is still an on-going campaign. Their vision is to stop violence together with shared words and actions. There were some past campaign with similar actions and missions but their achievements were not obvious. To ensure the success of the campaign, the New Zealand government used a social marketing framework. Audience-driven approach is used to change behavior. Second, rather than just targeting individuals, they creates environment to support desired behavior. At the same time, they had a good research and on-going evaluation. Different campaign tools were set up in this social campaign. For example, the TV advertisements were at a national level and it is supported by the whole society such as the Navy and the National Defense (Appendix A & B). Because of the above strategies and actions, the ‘it’s not ok’ campaign was very successful. It increased 95% awareness of family violence. Two-third of the population was now more concern about family violence and one-third of them were taking actions to prevent it. Besides, this campaign bought a great impact to the Maori and Pacific people. It had a high percentage of recall and was reported that they had taken some

actions. Appendix A Appendix B
Target audience
There are mainly five different target audiences in this campaign, the executors, influencers, activists and most importantly, the victims and perpetrators. The executors are people involved in the enforcement and provided education of the family violence. According to Jeanmarie and Jorge, legislations and regulations had been established in New Zealand to prevent and eliminate violence issues. Also, public education campaigns had been set up to stop family violence. Second, the influencers are people or organizations help to build a violence-free society. Actually, there are different government or non-government associations to provide information or services in avoiding family violence. Third, activists are people working to change the undesired behaviour nationally and locally. Officers and frontline services providers had to attend the family violence training from time to time (Appendix C). Victims are those involved in the family violence directly or indirectly. They want this violence behaviour to be stopped from their partners. It is founded that there were 13937 women need to be helped in the women refuge in 2011. Last but not least, people are the perpetrators when they are predominating in the family violence. They wanted to stop this behaviour so they asked for help. Appendix C

Proposed behaviour change
The proposed behaviour change in the family violence is to stop any types of family violence, both physical and non-physical violence in New Zealand. Stop violating is just a primary issues. Before changing the behaviour, we have to find out the reasons why they had such an undesired behaviour. Actually, there are different factors leading to the family violence, such as alcohol abuse, stress, psychological problems...
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