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Hey! Everybody seems to be looking at me. How dare you stare at me! Why? Just because I’m a bad girl? A good for nothing girl, a problem child? That’s what you call me. I say bad words. I lie. I cheat. I steal and I can even kill if I have to, because I’m a bad girl. But where are my parents? You are my parents. My good elder brother and sister in this society where I live. Look what you have done to me. You pampered and spoiled me; neglected me. You entrusted me to yaya whose intelligence is lower than mine. while you go about your dinner and gambling sessions. Thus, you drifted much away from me, while I was left longing for a fathers love and yearning for a mothers care. And I have no one to turn to. I sought the company of the other children who have been left to their own devices. We organized things, notorious things. Just so you would notice us. Just because you have been bad yourselves. Perhaps I am the most misunderstood, the most notorious member of this society where I live. But the circumstances then I found is not my own making. It was you who made this society where I live and the family that I grew up in. Once upon a time, I was a tiny, whinny kid and itchy bitchy, bouncing girl whom you fondled with loving care. But as I grew up everything changed. You began to spend your time in your parties, pokers and mahjong table. Thus, you drifted away from me. You even landed on the headlines of the newspaper and were branded as peddlers, rocketeers, and crooks! Now you call me names, accuse me of various sins, and punish me for everything I do? You do it yourselves. Tell me how good you are. Every pain and sorrow that I suffer is a burden in your mind. Every ugly name that you call me is a curse against yourself. Now you wish to ensure my future and give me more of your time and attention; and protect me from every evil influence that threatens my very own existence? Then if you really wish to ensure my future, hurry, hurry back home...
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