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Topics: Input device, Robotics, Eye contact Pages: 3 (793 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Area of Impact: Science and the Environment

Question 5.

a)There are quite a few input devices that are required in order for Jules to interact with a real person, a few of them being: •Frubber, this is an elastic material that has been developed by “Hanson Robotics Inc”, which looks like natural skin and makes Jules’ realistic facial movement and speech possible. Analyzing this, this material Frubber firstly allows the robot to have a genuine human feature; natural looking skin, this gives Jules (the robot) an authentic look of a human. Secondly the material Frubber allows Jules to make realistic facial movements, which eventually acts as an input device that helps Jules interact with a real person. •Jules also uses “computer vision” through a device in his eye, which captures the image of the person talking to him. It is said that “Computer vision” includes face recognition and face tracking to simulate complete verbal and non-verbal interaction, such as maintaining eye contact and turning the head to follow the movement of the human to whom Jules is talking. This device is a major input to how Jules interacts with a real person; since the device allows Jules to recognize people, produce verbal and non-verbal interaction.

b)The steps that Jules would take in order to follow the movement of the person talking to him: •Firstly, the device, which is set in Jules’ eye, would allow Jules to use “computer vision”, this would let him capture the image of the person talking to him. •Then if it is a person Jules is seeing for the first time, the person would be saved into Jules memory, but if it was a person who Jules met before, the “computer vision” would also allow him to recognize who the person is due to face recognition. •After face recognition, the next step would be the face tracking which is also a part of the “computer vision” would help Jules to interact verbally and non verbally, so here Jules would be moving and interacting according...
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