Iteration Structure Proposal Paper

Topics: Social Security number, Identity theft, Personal name Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: May 18, 2011
PRG/210 Fundamentals of Programming with Algorithms and Logic Wendolyne Hardin

Iteration Structure Proposal Paper
Western University

Using the example of Western University from my previous assignment: Selection Structure I have chosen the following section that requires an iteration structure:
A system that requires input data for students in the Western University Library, such as Student’s name, address, date of birth, social security number so an account might be opened and available for different student’s transactions such as checking out books, media material purchases among others.

The iteration occurs when the students has similar last names and first names inputs are the same, then social security numbers will be required. When the first and last name is the same, the librarian should verify that the rest of the information in the account is the same to be considered the student’s account who is having his data information in the system. In that way, updating will be the following step and duplication of data would be avoided.

I am using the iteration structure, the loops because it simplifies the statements so I do not have to write the very same statement over and over.
Also, the input size unpredictability is another reason to use loops because I might not know the amount of float values I am going to need.
The purpose of this Iteration Structure will allow the librarian to register students in the library’s system in order to have their personal information having an account available to keep track of all the different transactions made for that particular person. This information when it is given to the librarian would have the option to determine whether the information is already in the system by asking certain information to the student until the account is either updated if it is in the system or generate a new profile for this particular person.

Pseudo code for the Iteration Structure
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