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1. Introduction
In this report, I will prepare a website planning brief about a hypothetical sports institute, called K&B Institute of Sport. This report will form the basis of the development of the K&B Institute of Sport website for the later working. The further development includes a fully functional content and design document in assignment-2 and the establishing actual website in assignment-3. This document will be consisting of Description and Purpose, Target audience, Scope, Design consideration, Programming technology, Authoring tools and Technical limitations. In Design Consideration part, few developing languages that covered are: HTML and CSS. In Authoring tools section, these tools that covered by me are different HTML editing tools and variety software used to create and edit etc. 1.1 Description and Purpose

The site is proposed to be a dynamic website for K&B Institute of Sport. This site will provide easy and instant information / quotes to the people who are interested in the institute. The site will have the attractive Front end for the Visitors and the Back end for administration of the site. The website will be elegantly designed with a clean and user friendly navigation. The website will include the home page and an “About us” page, site map page with working links, pages related to background of the institute, pages outlining different sports facilities, information pages regarding enrolments and key contacts, pages containing information on training availability and rehabilitation programs, pages with biographies of the institute`s stars and some relevant YouTube links. 1.2 Target audience

The target audience of the website should be comprised of adolescence, youngsters and adults. Also, the users will be the parents of the children who seek the sports training programs and people who have such certain background knowledge and degree that want to get higher achievements on Sports Science and Sports Medicine. The institute...
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