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Dreamweaver Final Exam

Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.

____1.A server is a computer that stores and distributes information to the other computers in a network.

____2.The Internet is a subset of the World Wide Web.

____3.A Web site is composed of a group of related and interconnected Web pages.

____4.A Web site that has HTTP in the first part of its URL is secure.

____5.Hyperlinks can only be created from text.

____6.You can use the Files panel to transfer files to a remote site.

____7.The title bar in the Document window displays the page title and the filename of the Web page.

____8.HTML code can be directly entered in Design view.

____9.A company logo is often used as a link to the Web site home page.

____10.The size of each graphic on a Web page contributes to the amount of time it takes a user’s browser to download the page.

____11.By resizing a graphic in Dreamweaver, the Web site will load faster.

____12.An image can only contain a single link.

____13.The Target attribute of a hotspot specifies the Web page or file that opens when the hotspot is clicked.

____14.In a rollover, the two graphics must be the same size.

____15.No more than one table can be added to a Web page.

____16.When the borders of the cells of a table are set to 0, the borders exist but are invisible.

____17.Most search engines learn about a Web page by looking for information in the meta tags of the page.

____18.When you make a change in a library item, you must manually make the same change in all the pages where the library item is used.

____19.If a library item is deleted from a specific page, it will also be deleted from the library.

____20.The frameset border setting overrides the frame border setting.

____21.The No Resize attribute of a frame prevents users from resizing a frame by dragging its borders.

____22.There is no closing frameset tag.

____23.Parent framesets are framesets located inside other framesets.

____24.Each rollover in a navigation bar has a single state.

____25.You cannot change the horizontal or vertical orientation of a navigation bar once it has been created.

____26.Only one layer can be inserted on a Web page.

____27.When layers appear on the screen, layers with lower z-index numbers appear in front of the layers with higher z-index numbers.

____28.When layers are nested, if the parent layer is moved, the nested layer will move with it.

____29.You must select a layer before you can reposition or resize it.

____30.A font must be installed on the end-user’s machine to display the text in that font.

____31.When you link to a page anywhere within your local root folder, Dreamweaver creates an absolute link.

____32.An absolute link is used to link to Web pages outside of your site.

____33.Most HTML tags come in pairs with an opening and closing tag.

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____34.Dreamweaver is a ____ creation and management tool. a.| presentation| c.| Web site|
b.| database| d.| Web server|

____35.A ____ is a series of computers that are connected together to share information and resources. a.| server| c.| client|
b.| Web browser| d.| network|

____36.A ____ is a computer that stores and distributes information to the other computers in the network. a.| server| c.| browser|
b.| client| d.| hub|

____37.A ____ is a set of technical specifications that define a format for sharing information. a.| format| c.| version|
b.| protocol| d.| server|

____38.The protocol of the World Wide Web is ____.
a.| SMTP| c.| HTTP|
b.| FTP| d.| HTML|

____39.A ____ is the computer an individual...
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