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  • Published : July 11, 2012
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Project on Key Account Management – Executive Summary

Extensive study of MBQ & ARS processes followed by major Key Accounts and recommend suggestions to ITC field team to adopt relevant best practices at account level to maintain & build MBQ’s across categories. Given independent & business model unique to each individual account, the recommendations may be account specific.

Relevance of Project to the Organization:
Key Accounts are the trendsetters in the premium categories, increasingly contributing to a large share of the pie for many of the new categories ITC is getting into. The limited store size & assortment has further intensified competition among FMCG companies for shelf space at eye level. MBQ’s & ARS are key factors in maintaining an uninterrupted stock availability. The monthly & quarterly process adopted by various Accounts to redefine MBQ’s & ARS has made this concept quite interesting for companies as the fortune of most new SKUs are based on the MBQ’s.

Areas covered in the project:
Stock Ordering process adopted by Accounts – processes @ account level i. Key parameters used for deciding MBQ’s
ii. New product introduction in ARS system & balancing impact on overall portfolio iii. ARS system used by Accounts & reorder level logics adopted. iv. Variance to laid process - how to initiate change v. Relationship between Higher MBQ & eye-level shelf-space, or vice-versa in stores.

5 Accounts were extensively studied, one each belonging to Direct Key A/c, National, Regional or Local & Pharma-Chain level on logic adopted for maintaining MBQ’s & ARS method employed centrally or at store level and relative linkage between higher MBQ & placement at eye-level was found out.

Accounts considered in the project:
Direct A/c : ABRL
National : FoodBazaar
Regional/Local: Needs, Sabka Bazaar.
Pharma-Chain: 98.4

These stores were evaluated at the...
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