ITC Sonar Kolkata's Marketing Strategy

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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A Detailed Project Plan on How ITC Sonar, Kolkata Can Increase its Guest List

Presented By:
Sougat Kumar Nayak (Project Director) Raj Bhattacharjee (Asst. Project Director) Sweetie L (Project manager) AnanyaSinha (Asst. Project Manager) KaushikPoddar (Project Co-ordinator) ordinator)


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About ITC Sonar, Kolkata Objectives and Scope Methodology Action Plans Action Plans (Quarter Wise) Plan application with planned Timelines Plan application with planned Timelines (Quarter Wise) General Budget Seasonal or Periodical Budget Conclusion

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About ITC Sonar, Kolkata
Established since 1987 ITC Sonar, a 5 star hotel in Kolkata having a distinctively modern and sleek architectural design contrasting with the rich historical essence of Kolkata is nestled amidst acres of land, resplendent with greenery, sunshine, and water. This five-star deluxe hotel is en route from the airport and a 30-minute drive from the city centre. This luxury hotel in Kolkata has 238 tastefully appointed guest rooms, the hotel is just a short stroll from the city’s shopping, entertainment, cultural, and business districts. An array of award-winning culinary experiences range from the northwest frontier to traditional Indian delicacies and continental grills Tribute to the city of joy A historical richness of culture coursed through with an irrepressible love of poetry and music, complemented by a tempered inclination for refinement; ITC Sonar celebrates the spirit of Bengal in this exquisitely plush, understatedly stylish 5 star luxury business hotel in Kolkata. Pride of Kolkata Situated close to the airport and just ten minutes from the Salt Lake silicon hub of Kolkata and the city’s shopping, entertainment, cultural and business districts, ITC Sonar offers an elegant oasis of luxury and warmth in an ambience that brings you closer to nature. The first hotel in the world to be registered by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) for Carbon Emission Reductions, ITC Sonar delivers graciously on ITC Hotels’ promise of Responsible Luxury. An oasis of luxury Set in an enchanting expanse of beautifully designed gardenscapes with over a million trees and gentle water bodies dotted with water lilies complemented by the artful minimalism of the hotel’s architecture, ITC Sonar offers an unusually leisure environment for a 5 star luxury business hotel, in Kolkata. Inspired by the past, celebrating the golden era of Bengal, during the reign of the Pala dynasty, an age of extraordinary advancement in culture, ITC Sonar pays homage to this great moment in history through its grand Pala period replica statues prominently celebrated in the lobby and the corridors. Warm & efficient service, combined with the understated elegance of architect Kerry Hill’s minimalist design and an exquisite landscape featuring the lily studded water bodies inspired by Bengal’s picturesque ruralscape to which ponds are integral, contribute to an ambience which conveys an alluring sense of Kolkata’s many-layered cultural and historical legacies.


Kolkata’s finest leisure, luxury and dining destination While this 5 star business hotel offers travellers every possible convenience through its superlative accommodation, eight meeting and conference rooms and state-of-theart facilities, it also offers the finest array of award-winning culinary gems ranging from North West Frontier cuisine to traditional Indian fine dining, Cuisines of East Asia, International Bar & Grill, a Gourmet Shop and a 24-hour multi-cuisine restaurant. Additionally, Kaya Kalp, ITC Hotels’chain of luxury spas – which in Kolkata is the city’s largest world-class spa, offers an exquisite regime of therapies for complete body and mind relaxation and rejuvenation. At ITC Sonar, expect an unsurpassable experience of luxury and warmth, in the gentle embrace of nature. Rooms & infrastructure ITC Sonar, a 5 star hotel in Kolkata having a...
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