Italo Calvino

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Saad Ahmed

Prof. Frank Meola


Assignment 3

Italo Calvino’s deceptively easy style of writing gives captivates the interest of the readers. He makes one simple tale interesting and well anchored. His writings are very well-constructed; it’s like the soft cotton inside the seed: Even if the topic is hard to think about, the writer makes it warm and soft and makes his point very clear to the reader. Italo Calvino not only writes short well-crafted tails but also focuses on real life and relates them to scientific aspects. An example of this can be Cosmicomics; one of his very popular books where the appearance of the characters were very simple. The writer synthesized the characters with his great scientific vision and humanized writing; also he was able to show how scientists might reflect their ability to work and handle science in order to have a great impact on human life.

“It narrates the war adventures of a young street urchin, a boy of about twelve of thirteen, mischievously wicked and at the same time native. Their mother is dead and their father has long abandoned them. Pin, who has no friends of his own age, fends for himself, working as a cobbler’s apprentice, stealing and getting free drinks from the men at the local taven…” (pp 10-11).

Siegel, Kristi explained the humanizing characteristics of Italo Calvino’s Cosmicomics in the above way. She pointed out how in Cosmicomics, Italo Calvino not only has focused on well-constructed science and its importance but also how it affects daily lives and how the affects can be improved and be made useful for human. “Calvino modulates the novel on two distinct tones” (pp 14). “With this story Calvino dramatizes the ills of our society where all our values can be booth and sold and everything is valued in terms of production and consumption” (pp 35); The writer shows the great sight Calvino’s way of humanizing stories integrated by not only science but also by economics.

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