Italian Unification

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To what extent was Italy Unified by 1870?
By 1870, Italy had finally captured Rome and so with it the whole of the Italian Peninsula was now under the control of an Italian state. Previously, the Austrians controlled Venetia and Lombardy and Italy was divided into many different states. However, by 1870, Piedmont had managed to unite all of Italy under one ruler. On the other hand, there were many divisions in this new state leading up to 1870. For example there were many people in the South of Italy who felt that they were being forced to pay and adapt to the Northern Italy way of life as the leading Italian state, Piedmont was in the North of Italy. Another issue was that Italy could be a federal state therefore weakening its power and also it would not be as unified. Leading on from this in 1870, Italy had a weak government that could not control key political figures such as Garibaldi. There were also problems over the economic integration of this new state and that the transport was poor and there were many land divisions. Another issue was that Rome and Venice had only been recently captured by the Italians and there was fallout over these recent events. The Pope had failed to recognise that Rome was even part of Italy and many people may have agreed with the Pope such was his influence in those times. By 1870, there were many problems with the South of Italy. It had a poor economy and there was widespread poverty that was incompatible with the North. Another reason why it was a problem was that there was a lot of ignorance from Piedmont politicians as to the actual state of the South. In fact, the South had acquired a reputation for being unhealthy when Cavour had visited in 1861 and then had died from poor health a few months later. The Southern problem was not solved by the politicians and still remains a problem in modern day Italy. In fact the South became such a large problem that there was a Brigands War in the years 1861-1865. This was where...
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