Italian Immigrants

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Italian Immigrants

During the time period from 1880 to 1920, millions of people from around the world made the decision to immigrate to America. Specifically the Italian that immigrated to the United States came from Southern Italy. Roughly 5 million immigrates arrived at Ellis Island during the time period of 1880 to 1920. The original homes of these Southern Italians was economically depressed and predominantly agricultural in comparison to the Northern Italian's home, which were prosperous. The people who resided in the southern region of Italy were poor and worked as artisans, sharecroppers and farm laborers. Immigrating to the United State was a good decision, the people of the southern region of Italy were than able to live a better life by leaving their home filled with corruption and poor standards to a place where they can get opportunities to make their lives better through the hardships that they may face in America.

There are many reasons why the Italians who lived in the South Italy would want to leave their home. There are many political, social, and economical reasons that led many to decide to immigrate to America. The main one is the political tension that started to happen due to the disastrous unification between the North and the South regions. This unification was bad for the people residing in the south region because the new constitution favored the north region. Also Italy was struggling economically due to the rapid increase of population, there were still too many people residing in Italy even though many emigrated to America. Because of the unification, the southerners were hurt by the high taxes and high protective tariffs. The social factors that led many people to immigrate to America is that the people who are hardworking peasants lacked the necessary environment to have a successful farming environment. Major pushes that led the people to leave their homes include poor crop yields from primitive production methods, oppressive...
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