Italian Culture

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  • Published : May 4, 2011
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Italy, despite its small size, is certainly one of the most famous and most popular country in the world. its incredible history, its great importance in the art world, past and present, make this country an extremely attractive place to visit. It is also called "Stivale" for his particular form and the "Bel Paese" because of climate and natural and artistic beauty. In a way, we can say that Italy is a perfect place for various kinds of tourists, who can enjoy all types of natural environments (lake, sea and mountains). In the matter of natural beauty ,we can’t forget the beautiful beaches of Sardinia and Sicily, the grandeur of its three volcanoes (Mount Etna with its 3.343 meters is the highest in Europe) , the beautiful Como’s and Garda’s lakes, and finally the Alps and the Dolomites. There’s something to suit everybody’s fancy!

Talking about his culture and the beauty of its art, I could write thousands and thousands of pages about .The contribution that Italy has taken in the course of history to world culture in fact was, according to all historians, immense and varied. The innovations that Italy has brought in all fields of culture along 2,500 years of history are innumerable; in the two periods in which the Italian territory was the center of the civilization of the time, during the Roman Empire and the Renaissance, the role he had in the history of human knowledge was of decisive importance. From the Greek temples of Magna Graecia to medieval villages, from the Roman Baths to the eighteenth-century villas, Italy has over 60 thousand national monuments, 3,400 museums, about 2,100 archaeological parks and 43 UNESCO sites . Regarding the lifestyle of the inhabitants of this country, we could say that Italy is ,in a way, divided into two parts: the north, which is the most industrialized and productive area, and south, which still stands today in a position of economic and productive back. In the north, people are direct, see time as money, and get down...
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