Italian Cuisine and Spaghetti

Topics: Italian cuisine, Pasta, Italy Pages: 4 (1320 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Nicholas Wicklund
English 100
Mrs. Britt
“Mhmmmmmm tastes good!” This is a quote from the movie Balls of Fury I have used many times to describe the most delicious meal on the planet. It is not a very unique meal and almost anybody can make it. This heavenly meal I am talking about is spaghetti and it is held on a pedestal above all other foods.

I have loved spaghetti ever since I was young, sitting at the dinner table with my fork, twirling the noodles around and taking the largest bite ever, slurping the seemingly endless noodles off of the plate. It was always a challenge on these nights to not make a mess with the slippery noodles, the bouncy meatballs, and most difficult of all, the sauce. The spaghetti sauce was the worse. One single drop from the tasty monster could ruin your nicest shirt in an instant with just a drop of its tasty red drippings. Mother was not too pleased when I would continuously leave the room to go change shirts on spaghetti nights, but I believe that if you are not wearing it, then you are not enjoying it.

I always looked forward to spaghetti nights. As soon as I walked in the door I was taken over by the amazing essence as mom was cooking in the kitchen, preparing the glorious meal. Mother always made the best spaghetti. I do not know if it was the special noodles she would buy, the way she prepared the meat, or the fresh vegetables she would mix in with the sauce that would make the taste surpass all the others, but there is no better spaghetti out there to challenge hers. The tease of sitting in the living room, witnessing this feast be prepared was worth the wait once we sat down together. The table was set, the prayer was said, and then it was every man for himself (herself in mom’s case) as we dug into the long awaited meal.

My family loves to come together for dinner. Whether we are sitting at the dining table or sitting in the living room around the TV watching the news, we enjoyed each other’s company....
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