It320 Unit 1

Topics: Wire, Coaxial cable, Cable Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: June 26, 2012
Homework 5.1
Pg 205 "Master it"
1. What are the three basic tools required to install a plug for a UTP wire? A. Wire Stripper
B. Wire Cutter
C. Cable crimper
2. What type of fiber-optic tester should you purchase to make sure the cable was installed without any fault and that enough light is being transmitted through the fiber, and what three things should you know before buying a cable? Attenuation tester, the tester should include capability for the correct fiber connectors, support the correct type of fiber, and be able to test at the appropriate wavelength. 3. Which of the following supplies enable the reduction of friction on the cables while being pulled. The wire pulling lubricant(c)

Pg. 290

1. What are the main aspects the must be addressed when designing and installing wall plates? Manufacturer system, wall plate location, wall plate mounting system, and whether to use a fixed design or a modular plate. 2. Which TIA standards should you refer to for ensuring proper design and installation of wall plates? You should refer to ANSI/TIA-570-B for residential and ANSI/TIA568-c.1 for commercial 3. Modular wall plates will provide you with the greatest flexibility because the designs have individual components that can be installed in varying options Pg 315

1. What is the most common modular jack-designation for IP/Ethernet-based systems (for example, 10base-TX?)What are your wiring patterns options? Which of these patterns is required on government installations? Most common modular jack is the 8-pin Rj-45. They can be wired with either A or B standards. The US government however recommends the A standard. 2. What is the common coaxial connector type to support security-camera service? F-Series connector ff
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