It302-Unit9-Human Computer Interaction

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Part1: Introduction.
The approach I used in unit 5 was a generic design which is flexible in nature with a basic layout planned so it can be easily molded, or modified to fulfill a variety of needs or applications. The wireframe associated with the design is shown without a supporting structure. The associated structure will be dictated by its application and placement. Part 2: Haptic Specifications.

Although possibly not needed or beneficial, multiple responses in affirming an action by the user are not particularly undesirable. In many cases the confirmation of an action is not only desirable, but may be mandatory for the benefit of the operator, particularly in the case of a client who has a hearing or vision problem. Feedback from the kiosk to confirm an operation may not only meet the ADA requirements, it may be reassuring to some users who may not need confirmation of an action due to physical reasons, but are simply reassured by having an indication that their actions ware correct and completed. Although the operating system of the kiosk possibly will be capable of additional tasks such as signifying that a keystroke was performed correctly, the use of these features may not be wanted by all users. It would be easy, and probably desirable, to design the system so features can be utilized or not as the user wishes. Through the use of messages, sounds or lighting a key or button when activated for those individuals who need confirmation of an action or others who simply desire a comforting feeling. Actions such as these can be designed as part of the system and provisions made for the user to activate them as desired or needed. Initially I planned for a keyboard to be installed in the lower part of the kiosk. As the plan has progressed I am now leaning towards the installation of a smaller second monitor, or in reality a flat monitor/keyboard that has...
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