It302-Unit8-Human Computer Interaction

Topics: Formal verification, Sound, Marketing strategy Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: May 10, 2013
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Part1: Introduction.
The approach I used in unit 5 was a generic design which is flexible in nature with a basic layout planned so it can be easily molded, or modified to fulfill a variety of needs or applications. The wireframe associated with the design is shown without a supporting structure. The associated structure will be dictated by its application and placement. Part 2: Non-Speech Sounds.

Non-speech sounds are a part of our life that we have been exposed to from our youngest days until the present. Over time we learned to understand what they represented and understand more as we were exposed to them. Many key us to an action or event that occurred or is occurring around us even if we can’t or don’t see what sound is in response to. Our ability to interpret non-speech sounds and its connection to vision is a trait that can be effectively used in designing a kiosk. Sound can be employed as a vehicle to attract us to a kiosk, or draw attention to a product or service. While the sound may not directly provide information, it can used to create an interest in a product or service and draw us to it. A certain amount of care is needed in the selection of the sound that is being used to attract customers. Its purpose is to create interest and to support it, but not to take control of the presentation of the product. The same formula can be applied when we are using a kiosk. As well as sounds that may be used to enhance the presentation of a product, they can also be used for support. They can be used to let us know that we have selected the correct keystroke to accomplish an action, or that our choice was incorrect and we need to correct the previous procedure to complete the task or action that we have selected. An important use of sound is to confirm the correct or incorrect entry of a keystroke for the action that is desired and help reduce the load...
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