It302-Unit5-Human Computer Interaction

Topics: Design, Design management, Engineering Pages: 3 (809 words) Published: May 10, 2013
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Part 1: Design choice and wireframe.
The range of purposes that kiosks serve is broad and varied. From providing information or services to the purchase of an extensive array of goods a kiosk can be and frequently is used to meet the desires and needs of the general public and consumers. In recent years there has been a substantial and steady increase in the frequency that we see or use some form of stand alone kiosk. The wireframe that I considered is more general in nature. This was done to provide flexibility in the design that can be easily used across a broad range of services with minimal modification. It also accommodates easy adjustment for use by disabled individuals. [pic]

Part 2: Report of design principles.
The final goal in designing a kiosk is to generate a product that will meet the needs of the business or organization that is using it to provide goods or services to its potential clientele. The purpose is to produce a product that is highly intuitive, and also provides clear and concise instructions on the proper use of the kiosk in general and specific features for those patrons that need assistance. The final design is influenced by several factors; • The service it provides and its ultimate function. • Ease of use and convenience for all users including handicapped. • The surroundings it needs to blend with.

• Ease of maintenance.
• Additional considerations prompted by specific use and location. To be a useful tool the kiosk must be effective in providing the desired information or service to a user. In order to do this the kiosk must meet various criteria. Firstly it must be highly visible and accessible. Not only must it be visible, it must be presented in such a way that it will attract potential users. If it fails to do this, it may simply become something that takes up...
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