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  • Published : May 25, 2012
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CheckPoint Networking in Operating Systems

Susy L. Alban
Ma 25, 2012
Richard Stevens

CheckPoint Networking in Operating Systems

Resources: Ch. 17 & 18 of A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC Write a 1-page paper in which you address the following points:  
·         How networking functions in an operating system ·         The necessary steps to enable networking on a workstation ·         Potential problems and solutions when connecting an operating system to a network  

Networking in an operating system also known as NOS (network operating system) operates in many ways. NOS is an operating system which runs on a server and can be accessed through client machines connected on the network. It controls and permits sharing of files by multiple users, printer admittance among the linked computers, enhance support, make a working network, and provides for certain administrative functions, including security.

Enabling networking to a workstation has been made to be fairly simple. Today, most of the software configuration is done automatically and the hardware installation is plug-and-play. There should be a primary network computer that will operate all the linked computer systems and different devices with the help of the operating system software. The following are steps of how to enable a network on a workstation: Administrative privileges: There should just be only one administrative account on the network. Hardware: To link all of the computer systems you will first have to determine if the connection will be wired or wireless. If wired, Ethernet cabling is best. If going wireless because of convenience note it is slower than 100 Mbps Ethernet and can be subject to interference. Router: By the use of a router you will be inking all the computer systems to one device to provide sharing of the Internet connection. Using a router has a big advantage its firewall functionality. Mostly all routers provide this protection which...
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