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Topics: Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows, Windows 7 Pages: 10 (2993 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Final Project

Datamax Inc.
Customer Support Training Manual for
Operating Systems

Table of Contents
Overview of Operating Systems
oComponents and functions of operating systems
oDifferent versions of Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems Installation of Windows Operating Systems
oProcedures to install Windows operating system
oMethods of supporting operating systems
oPossible concerns when installing and maintaining operating systems Troubleshooting and Maintenance issues for Operating Systems oTroubleshooting techniques for operating system-related problems oMaintenance issues for operating systems

oUpgrading an operating system compared to a clean installation Networking and Security of Operating Systems
oNetworking in operating systems
oPossible concerns when connecting an operating system to a network oSecurity features of Windows 7 operating systems
oSteps to secure modern operating system
Personal Computers and the Internet
oDifference between Internet and network connections
oSteps to connect a workstation to the Internet
oPotential problems and solutions when connecting an operating system to the Internet Legacy Operating Systems
oFeatures of older operating systems
oPotential issues involved with supporting legacy Windows operating systems oSupport of older applications in current operating systems
This training guide is intended for new Datamax internal customer support department; all topics included are in here to guide the technician in the customer support process as well as for their own knowledge. The manual will include an overview of operating systems, what their components and functions are, as well as describing the different versions of Windows newest version, Windows 7.

The installation of Windows 7 and how to decide which version of the system will be right for the customer will be discusses as well as troubleshooting and maintenance issues and how to overcome them. This guide will teach you how to set up and manage a network, set up security features, and how to secure a users system.

The guide will offer support for distinguishing the difference between the Internet and a network connection, how to connect to the Internet, and potential problems and solutions while connected to the Internet. Legacy systems will also be discusses and how they have evolved into today’s Windows 7 operating system. Support for these systems will be discussed and issues regarding such support as well as supporting older applications in newer operating systems.

Overview of Operating Systems

Overview of Operating Systems
An operating system, or OS, is software that controls a computer by managing hardware, runs applications, provides an interface for users, and stores, retrieves, and manipulates files (Andrews, 2007). The operating system is basically the middleman between the user and the computer and if there is a problem with the operating system, the user may not be able to access anything on their computer.

There are different components and functions of an operating system; drivers are components used for the system to access different types of hardware from a mouse, keyboards, printers, and monitors as well as scanners and external storage drives. Without the use of drivers the operating system may not know how to make the devices work and the devices will not work without the appropriate drivers; drivers can be downloaded online or from a separate disk that had come with a specified device. Other ways of obtaining drivers are automatically, which may be the case when a user connects a USB drive, or by use of the Device Manager; the Device Manager may be access in the Control Panel on a Windows operating system and users can update current drivers or locate a missing one.

Different components include system tools and the user interface, or UI. System...
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