It240 Week 5 Checkpoint

Topics: E-mail, Internet, Domain name Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: December 5, 2011
Domain Name

In order to check for a domain name I found the website Fatcom. Fatcom is a webhosting site that provides domain names and webhosting services to its clients. The domain name that I choose was “”. I choose this domain name because the company is a nonprofit organization that deals with providing free medical services to elders. My first choice of domain name was “ however, that domain name was unavailable also was unavailable. That’s when I decided to try “ and it was available. I choose a name that was not too long or hard to remember. I wanted to use a .org website address because they are a nonprofit organization not just an entertainment site or other type of internet business.

Fatcow offers a bundle package which includes data back up and file restore capabilities, website protection from theft, fraud, spyware and viruses. You also get free e-mail account and customer service help with initial setup. I can also get assistance with setting up the website layout using any of the various themes they provide. The server I choose to use is Windows XP server. This server will be able to handle the day to day transaction of the site. Many servers can do the same things but you have to determine what your network can handle. Another server is Windows Vista, a new more up to date server if you ask me. Depending on the functions you can also use add on's as a way to get more out of your server and system.
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