It236 Week 2 Essay

Topics: Miami-Dade County, Florida, Customer, Customer service Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: November 1, 2012
Web site plan part one.

* Tittle: Cocibolca Money Transfer web site.

This site will be design for a small money transfer business, in need of a web site to promote their services and to try to enhance their business success. * Site purpose- The purpose of my site is to promote and informed customers about the products and services offered by this small business services. In which customers will be able to see and understand the different products and services in detail; such as pricing on every product and services. By creating and maintaining this site the company, is hoping to gain more customers to use their services. This site will help the company to keep up with today’s business standards. * Key points of this web site- This web site will be focused in providing a customer service and successful customer experience. 1. Detail information- when customers go online, they do not want to make a phone call or email a company to obtain the information that they need about products and services. The goal is to provide ensure that, when a customer goes into this web site easily find answers to any questions. 2. Services- On this site the services offered by this company, will be describe in detail using a good visual design. Having this in mind it is important to have clean and simple design that will stand out from competitors. A great visual design will catch the attention of everyone that logs in; the first impression it is crucial. 3. Contact information- It is essential to provide contact information that a potential customer can use easily. It is ideal to provide more than one contact method, such and email address and also a contact form. 4. Search field- Having a search field will be very beneficial; it can be very frustrating having to go over a few pages of site before obtaining information of a specific service or content.

* Target Audience-The target audience will be the Hispanic...
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