It230 Computer Networking Final

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XYZ Network Design
Franklin Joel Grimes
IT 230

Executive Summary
This paper will help to clearly define the network design of XYZ Corporation by ABC Computing. Together we will meet your IT challenges in a seamless, highly organized fashion. What we must address together, are the following: ⎫      What are the goals of the network design project ⎫      What things may be assumed

⎫      The pros and cons of our proposed IT solutions ⎫      The exact scope of our mutual project constraints Why are we having these IT changes? XYZ has grown quickly over the past few years. You have expanded to many locations and must now be capable of acting and reacting as if XYZ were in one compact, efficient location. A wide area network or WAN will allow all areas to function as if they were under one roof, sharing resources in a secure environment. Topologies, what are they? Topologies are the logical structures of the network. We need only discuss one. We will be using a star topology. That means that devices will be connected to a central routing switch in a star like fashion. What does that really mean to XYZ? This means lower cost of installation, simple maintenance, and ease of upgrading. The network connections will be made by way of a virtual private network. For each of you, this simply means that you not need to dial up connections. Connections will be dedicated, efficient, secure and automated. Network business applications will not be changing. The software and operating systems you are accustomed to will remain in place. The method of communications from one to computer to another; running in the background, will be the main changes. Some serious differences will be a new backup and disaster recovery plan. XYZ will now have a hot site facility. This means that in the event of a disaster, the location, back up programs, back up data, and logistical facilities will be ready for immediate use. Cabling Specifications

In buildings that currently have a 100Base-T network; XYZ will save a considerable amount of money. This is due to the fact that the new Gigabit network will be able to utilize the existing Cat-5 cable. According to Hallberg (2005) “1000Base-T networks are notable in that they can run over existing Cat-5 cable but at ten times the speed of 100Base-T networks”. This savings will offset much of the upgrading to switches As opposed to hubs, as will be discussed in detail further in this proposal. Hallberg (2005) further adds that “running over Cat-5 cable is a significant advantage for lOOOBase-T, because around 75 percent of installed network cabling today is Cat-5, and rewiring an entire building for a new networking standard is an extremely expensive proposition”. 1000Base-T over Cat-5 has these characteristics according to Hallberg (2005): ✓ Require eight actual wires (four twisted pairs in a single sheath) ✓ Must use Cat-5 cable or better

✓ Are limited to a length of 100 meters (328 feet) for each node connection ✓ Are not limited in the number of nodes in a single logical segment ✓ Use RJ-45 connectors for all connections

Local Area Network (LAN) Topologies
A physical star topology will be used. This topology should make an efficient, yet affordable network. According to Hallberg (2005) A star topology is one in which a central unit, called a hub or concentrator, hosts a set of network cables that radiate out to each node on the network..… Each hub usually hosts about 24 nodes; although hubs exist that range in size from two nodes up to 96 nodes. Regardless of the hub size, you can connect multiple hubs together to grow the network in any way that makes sense. Below is an example of a basic physical star topology.


It would be good to remember that “all the network traffic used on any of the network connections to the hub is echoed to all the other connected nodes on that particular hub”....
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