It205 Appendix a Key Computer Terms Checkpoint

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Associate Program Material
Appendix A

Key Computer Terms CheckPoint

Definitions and Usage of Information Technology Infrastructure Components and Technologies

The following terms are examples of information technology infrastructure components and technologies used in business. Research definitions using the Internet. You will write a definition of each term and provide at least two examples of the component or technology. Provide citations and references for all resources.

(At least two)
HardwarePhysical parts of a computer system Monitor and mouse
Virtual computer program consisting of lines of code used to direct the operation of a computer programs or applications
Data management technologyThe software that governs the organization of data on physical storage media. Hard drives or flash memory

two or more computers connected or communicating with each other Internet or a printer
the transmission of signals over long distances Internet or cell phone
Technology services
services that involve technology technical support and computer networking
Personal digital assistantsSmall, pen-based, handheld computers with built-in wireless telecommunications capable of entirely digital communications transmission. Palm Pilot and Handspring Visor

Personal computers
Small desktop or portable computer. Laptop and desktop computer
a computer that provides data to other computers...
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